What are keywords and why keyword research is important

 Hello Friends ! Welcome to india blogging In today's time, people are constantly coming in the field of blogging, but earning money from this field is not as easy as we have thought, if you want to earn money from the field of blogging, then you There should be basic knowledge of blogging because if you have basic knowledge of anything, then you can work on that subject, if there is no basic knowledge, then you cannot work nor can you be successful, we will give you blogging in this blog. always put information related to 

कीवर्ड किसे कहते हैं और कीवर्ड रिसर्च क्यों जरूरी हैं?

In today's article, we have discussed with you about keyword research, many of you must have heard about it, if you have not heard, no problem, because today we are going to give you complete information about this. Must read it completely and share it with as many people as possible so that those who want to enter the field of blogging can get complete information about the research done by reading this article and can earn maximum money by being successful in this field. .

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What is BLOG?

BLOG is an English word which is a short name of WEB BLOG, it started in 1998. This is a free service provided by Google. Through which a person can share his point with the whole world. People use blogs to convey their point to others, the post of the blog reaches every person who searches about it in Google. Blog is like a website which can be created for free and Google has made its interface in such a way that everyone can use it easily. The only difference between a website and a blog is that there should be many types of web design program information to create a website and it also costs money, while a blog is a free service that requires a website to be created, such as blogger, whatpress, Through etc., anyone can make a blog very easily. A blog is run by an individual or a team

Blog is very popular among people and almost everyone likes to use it. In the initial days the blog can be made free, later it can be changed according to your need because free blog does not have all the features. There are The size of the blog is smaller than that of the website, that is why the blog is also called a digital diary. Videos, photos, articles are all present in the blog.

Why blog is written?

15 to 20 years ago, people used to write some important things in diary, magazine and share them with everyone through newspaper and matching, similarly in today's modern age, people like to write on the internet and share it on someone's blog. It is called Any topic can be written in the blog, their topics can be general as well as special. Many blogs are related to a particular subject and provide information on that subject from time to time like = There are blogs related to technology in which information related to old technology and new technology is given.

The person who writes a blog is called a blogger and the work done in a blog is called blogging.

What is Bolging?

Creating a blog, writing posts in it every day, publishing it and designing your blog well, all these activities are called blogging, the creator has to post his thoughts from time to time. Writing posts in a blog, designing your blog, replying to the comments in the post, similarly, whatever a blogger does to run a blog, we call it in common language.

Money can also be earned online through blogs. Blogging can be done in any subject like = News, Technology, Health etc.

Blogging is divided into how many categories 

Blogging is divided into two categories

1: Personal Blogging

2: Professional Blogging

1: Personal Blogging = Personal Google Blogging is also called hoddy blogging, which has some stories, true events, which it shares with everyone. These stories can also be about his personal life. Or it can be about someone else's life. Famous people often make such blogs so that they can convey their words to the common people. These people do not have to earn money from blogging, it is just their hoddy. Personal blogs are written by celebrities, that's why common people like to read these people so that they can know their artist closely.

2: Professional Blogging = This is done by those people who consider blog as their business, by this they earn so much money that they can fulfill their dreams and their needs, it also requires patience along with hard work, only then the fruits of hard work are achieved. Is

Professional bloggers earn money by monetizing blogs in many ways like = Google Adsense, by placing ads of a company, etc.

Out of all these, Google Adsense is the best way to earn money. Professional blogger is completely different from a personal blog. If you have a passion for writing, then you can easily do blogging. And if you want to earn money from blogging, then you have to have patience, perseverance and hard work, blogging is not so easy and you are thinking that today I started blogging and money will start coming from tomorrow. So let me tell you you are thinking absolutely wrong. For that you need hard work and most of all patience

 what is a keyword 

The words you search by writing the title or description of your blog and in the Google search box are called keywords. If you are a blogger and want to be successful in this field, then you should have complete knowledge about keywords, only then you can be successful in this field 

Let me explain you about the keyword with an example so that you can understand it better. Suppose I have got an essay on Diwali from school and I came home and searched by writing essay on Diwali or writing essay on Diwali in Google search box, these words are called keywords.

Why it's important to know keywords

If you write an article on a topic and publish that article in your blog, then you should know about keywords because if any person will search on Google on the topic on which you wrote your article. If you have, then you should know what that person will search in Google and whether you have put the same keyword in the title of your blog, if you have put it, then your article will rank in Google search engine, so that more and more traffic will come to your blog and You can earn very good money from this field.

how many types of keywords are there

There are many types of keywords, below we have given you complete information about the keywords, you should read the information given below very well so that you can understand the complete information given by us.

1: tranding keyword या fresh keyword 

These keywords are searched in Google in a very high amount for some time, which means that the keywords related to training topics come in the fresh keyword category, they are not used for a very long time.

2: ever green keyword 

These keywords are always searched, these types of keywords were used earlier also, will be used today and will be used even further. If you want to stay long in the field of blogging, then you have to work on these keywords. Then you can succeed in the blocking area

Example = How to earn money through online, 

3: area targeting keyword

In their keywords, only one area is targeted, for example = Delhi metro root, SSC course In mumbai etc.

If you are opening your business in any one area, writing your article about any one area, then this keyword can be very important for you.

4: Customer targeting keyword 

These are keywords in which a practical customer is targeted, for example = Best laptop Bag for man, best shoos for man etc.

5: product targeting keyword 

These are keywords in which a particular product is targeted, for example = samsung Galaxy smarphone, 5G cricket bat etc.

6: Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI keyword)

These are related to our main keywords, if you want to rank your article in Google search engine, then you will have to work on LSI, which will bring traffic to your blog and you will be able to earn more and more money.

What is keyword research 

You must have understood that what are keywords, keyword research means that if you have written an article on any subject, then how many people are spending your world, if more people search your article keywords, then in your blog Traffic will come more and you will be able to earn more money from this area but if less people search your keyword in Google then you can never earn good money from blogging. All the websites are available, some of which are as follows

1: keyword.io 

2:  Ubersuggest 

3: Wordtracker

With the help of these websites, you can research your keywords and earn a lot of money by bringing more and more traffic to your blog.

How many types of keywords are divided on the basis of keyword research?

1:Short table keyword

Short table keywords are those keywords which use 1 to 3 words, their keyword search volume is high. If you are new in the field of blogging, then you do not have to work on keywords because these keywords have competition and your articles. It takes time to rank in Google search engine and you will not be able to earn that much money from blogging field. 

Example: mobile,iphone,samsung etc.

2: main table keyword 

Main table keywords are keywords that use 4 to 5 words, their keyword search volume is higher and competition is less than both short table keywords.

Example: Smart phone under price 7000, top 10 best samsung phone etc.

3: long table keyword 

These are the key works in which more than 5 words are used, their search volume is less and at the same time the competition is also less. If you are a new blogger, then you have to work on these keywords so that you can search the article Google Rank in the engine.

Example: Best Smart Phone Under 7000 in India, Samsung Galaxy Note IV Price in India etc.

Our opinion in this article

Today, in this article, we have given you complete information about the keyword, you must have understood the information given by us, if you have any question, then you can ask by commenting, how did you like the article here? For such articles keep coming, do share this article with your friends and social media so that your friends can also get information about this topic and they too can earn money from the blogging field.

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