What is domain and hosting

 Hello Friends ! Welcome to Best My Smart Tips Blog In today's time, internet is ruling all over the world, if you want to create a website or blog of your own, then for that you will need domain name and hosting, have you ever thought? After all, what is this domain name and what is hosting, why are they needed, because of the domain name of any website, you can identify that website in the Internet and can easily access that website in this web of the Internet. To reach any website, you have to tell that website's domain name ie address to the search engine and the search engine brings complete information about that website in front of you.  In today's article, what is a domain name, what are hosting services, hosting and What is the difference between domains?How does domain and hosting work? Types of domain names will discuss all these topics in this article today, all of you must read this article till the end and share it with as many people as possible so that those who want to create their own website or website, they have complete information on domain name . Can be obtained

What is domain and hosting

What are domain names?

Domain name is an address to access a website, which you can reach the server of that website by writing in the search engine. Domain name is also known as DNS, full name of DNS = Domain Name Server  ( domain name server)  behind any domain name, the IP address (internet protocol address) of that website is hidden and as soon as you search the domain name of that website in the Internet, due to the IP address of that website, you can reach the server of that website. Can reach easily.

Let us try to explain to you in simple language, behind the domain name of any website, the IP address (internet protocol address) of that website is hidden, this IP address (internet protocol address) is in the domain name so that we can visit any website. Can easily identify because the IP address which is the address written in numbers and it is very difficult to remember if you have reached the web page of that website with the help of a website URL and the URL of that website also contains the domain name. Like - https://www.mysmarttips.in/p/about-us.html

This is the URL of about-us of this website mysmarttips.in is the domain name of this website /p/about-us.html written next to the domain name is the webpage address present in this website.

How do domain names work?

You must be having this question in your mind that how the domain name works, then we are going to tell you further that how the domain name works, let us know when you enter the address or domain name of a website in the search engine. The IP address of that website server is hidden behind the domain of that website, due to which we reach that domain server with the help of domain name, that is, somewhere some website is hosted from some server or the other, the address of that hosting service. That is, the IP address is associated with the website domain name, so when we search the domain name of a website or the address of that website in the search engine, then the domain of the website marks the server whose address is associated with that domain name and We reach that website.

Domain types

There are many types of domains, about which we have told you below, you can understand the types of domains by reading them.

1: TOP level domain (Top level domain)

2: Country code TOP level domain (Country code top level domain)

3: General TOP level domain (General Top Level Domain)

4: Second TOP level domain (Second Top Level Domain)

5: Third TOP level domain (Third top level domain)

What is TOP level domain?

The value of top level domains is very high in the eyes of Google.

And such domains are also very popular, let us know what are TOP level domains. 

1:  .Com

2: .edu 

3:  .org

4:  .net

5:  .gov

6:  .name

7:  .info

8:  .biz

What are country code TOP level domains?

As we know from the name itself, these domains are used for a particular country, let us know what are Country code TOP level domains.

1: .in

2 : .us 

3:  .ch 

4:  .cn 

5:  .ru

6:  .br

7: .al

8 : .am

9: .ar

10: .au

11: .bt

12 :  .Ca 

What is General TOP level domain?

These types of domains are made up of names that you can easily remember like – vediogame.com, tootpase.com, let us know what are General TOP level domains. 

1:  .Com

2: .edu 

3:  .org

4:  .net

5:  .gov

6:  .name

7:  .info

8:  .biz

9:  .int

10:  .example 

11:  .xyz

12:  .mobile

13:  .wiki

What is Second TOP level domain?

This type of domain comes directly below TOP level domain (top level domain), let us know what are the second TOP level domain (second top level domain).

1: .gov.ua

2:  .Com.ua

3:   .in.ua

4:   .org.ua

5:  .net.ua

What is Third TOP level domain?

The domain before .dot (.) to the left of the Second TOP level domain is called the Third TOP level domain.

What is a subdomain 

You have understood what is a domain, now we understand, now we understand what is a subdomain, you do not have to buy a subdomain from anywhere, but this type of domain is created by any domain owner, let us give it an example. Let's try to understand as my domain is mysmarttips.in if I add technology.mysmarttips.in in front of my domain then technology will be my sub domain.

Where to buy TOP level domain

If you want to buy TOP level domain (top level domain), then I will tell you from which platform you can buy TOP level domain (top level domain), we have given you information about some websites below, from there you can buy TOP level domain. Can buy (top level domain) All these websites are allowed by ICANN, which is an institution, to sell domains to these websites.

 1:  Godaddy 

2: Bluehost

3: namechepa

4: EwebGuru

5: name.com 

6: znetlive

7: Bigrock

what should be the domain name

If you are thinking of making a website or blog, domain name is very important for your website and blog, people recognize your website only through your domain, if you want to buy domain and you do not understand who If I want to buy my domain from the name of domain then today I will tell you my experience which domain you should buy

1: Always buy TOP level domain (top level domain) because it is very popular domain and people trust them 

2: Always buy very simple domain that you can easily read and remember

3: Whatever domain you are thinking of buying, it should be similar to the content of the website or your business.

TOP domain name provider list 

You must have understood what a domain is and if you are thinking of creating a blog or website, then we are going to tell you about some TOP domain name provider list on which you can easily trust and buy your domain.

1: Godaddy

2:  Bigrock

3:  namechepa 

4: Znetlive

5: EwebGuru

what is hosting

If you want to spread your ideas to people by creating your own website, then you will need two things, first is domain, second is hosting. You have been given information about the domain above and now we are giving you hosting information in very simple language so that you do not have to go anywhere else.
Hosting means from Storage. Where all the data of your website remains, the number of articles you have written, on which subject you have given information to the people, the number of images you have put in your website, all this data is collected in hosting.

In today's time, there are many websites available in the Internet, all these websites will have different hosting service where the data of these websites will remain and these websites can easily reach it, suppose I search in the Internet, what is hosting? So many results come in front of me, I click on any one website and the article written in that website which I read is kept in the hosting ie storage of that website.

What are the benefits of hosting

When I searched on Google on which subject, you would get many results in front of me, but I could not understand it because it was not written in simple language, suppose you are searching on Google on some subject, there are many websites. The data of all those websites has come, there are different hosting ie storage, when you search on Google on any topic, then the data which is saved in the storage of a website reaches you with the help of the domain and you can access that get complete information on the subject

Where to buy hosting service

You can buy your own hosting service through the websites given below and you can put your words in front of people very easily.


2: Bluehost

3: namechepa

4: EwebGuru

5: name.com 

6: znetlive

7: Bigrock

8: hostinger 

problem with free web hosting

We love hearing free web hosting, but it puts us in trouble, we just make a blog after hearing free and start blogging, we don't even think about how big a problem will come in the future. Free web hosting is good for those who are just starting out and want to learn something. But those who want to come in this professional, then they should not adopt free hosting, it is good because it can cause many problems.

1:  Website can be closed anytime

The company providing free web hosting can stop your website at any time and can also ask for money from you to keep the service running.

2:  Can't sell Blog

If you are tired of blogging and you want to sell this blog to someone, then you will not be able to sell it, it is written in the blogging guide lines that you cannot transfer the blog to anyone. If you do this then your blog will be closed

3: lack of security

The biggest difficulty is that you do not get much security in free hosting, in this way your blog may suddenly stop.

4:  Can not make changes in web hosting related

In free web hosting, you are given a Dashboard but there is no Backhand control panel, you cannot change it.

5:  Free web hosting to entice 

Do not trust in free web hosting, because at some point the company will definitely ask you money to keep the service running further, in this only you have loss, you can become the owner of the website by buying hosting and you can earn money.

Our opinion on this article

In today's time, the youth of India want to make their own website how to earn money through online medium, then they should know about a domain and hosting so that they do not face any further problem, those who want to make their own website and Those people who want to earn a lot of money through the website must read our article completely and share it with as many people as possible so that those who do not have any knowledge on these topics can read our articles and get complete information on these topics and this How did you like the article, please tell by commenting, if you have any question, you can also ask by commenting or by emailing us, we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.  

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