What is Medium App and how to create your account in it

Hello Friends ! Welcome to Best My Smart Tips Blog In today's time everyone wants to earn a lot of money by starting blogging and in this field you get popularity along with money but for this you need to know about the basic information of blogging. You must know, but if you want to rank your website in Google, then you will have to make backlinks for your website. Backlink is a medium to reach your website from any other website and the more backlinks you have in your website, the more your website will be valued in Google and the page authority and domain authority of your website will increase.

What is Medium App?

If you are already working in the field of blogging, then you must have heard the name of medium platform at some time or the other, if you have heard the name of this platform for the first time today, do not worry because today we will tell you in this article . I am going to give complete information and today we will give you information in this article about how you can use this platform, so if you people are working in this field or are thinking of coming, then this article of ours Must read completely and share this article to those who are thinking of earning money through online medium.

What is Medium

In which platform you can create your account and share your thoughts with people by writing articles on any topic. To be successful in the field of blogging, you need the best and with the help of this platform, you can get backlinks very easily. Can do and earn very good money by being successful in the field of blogging, more than 5 million people have downloaded medium App in Play Store in their device and Medium App got a rating of 4.6 in Play Store if If you put your blog's article in this platform as well and make backlinks, then your blog will rank in Google and along with it your article will also come in your article, which will increase the dA (domain authority) of your blog, which will increase your blog in Google PA ) . The value will increase and everyone will also get information about your blog.

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how to download medium app in mobile 

If you want to download in your device, then you can easily download this app in your device by following the steps given by us, we have told you step by step below.

Step 1: First of all open the Play Store

Step 2: Write medium App in the search box and search

Step 3: Now this app will appear in front of you and you click on the option of install, after some time this app will be downloaded on your device.

Note 1: If you do not want to search in the Play Store, we have given you the download option below, click on the download option and very easily download Medium App in your device and with this help you can get traffic in your blog. bring and earn more and more money


Note 2: If you do not want to download the app, then no problem, you can easily bring your blog traffic by creating your account with the help of its official website, we have given you its official website below, click on it. And take advantage of this platform. 

Official website =   https://medium.com/

How to create an account in Medium app

It is very easy to create your account on this platform, we have told you step by step below how you can create your account in this app. You can earn very good money from traffic in your blog. 

Step 1: First of all open its official website in your device or if you have downloaded this app in your device then open it.

Step 2 As soon as you open its official website or its app on your device, you see three options 

1: sign up with Google 

2: sign up with Facebook 

3: sign up with email 

choose one of the three options

Step 3: After this, many topics will come in front of you, choose the topics in which you are interested or write an article in your topic or choose the topics about which you want to get information.

Step 4: You had selected these topics, now you will see the information related to those topics, you click on the profile option and from here you can also edit your profile.

Step 5: When you click on the profile option, you will see an option under the profile, start your first story, click on this option and write your article and click on the publish option and you will see your article in the middle of your article. You can also put a link to the blog so that with the help of this platform people will start coming to your blog and your

Step 6: If you have written an article in your blog and you want to put it in this platform as well, then first of all open its official website or open the app, if you are opening the website mobile then on desktop mode. open so that you don't face any problem

Step 7: After opening the website or app, click on the option of profile, click on the option of story, after that two options will appear in front of you.

1: Write a story 

2: import a story 

You click on the second option and put the link of the article which you have put in your blog and click on the option of import, after that enter the category to which your article belongs and use 5 hashtags in your article and publish option. Click in

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