What is backlink and how to make quality backlink?)

Hello Friends ! Welcome to india blogging . Although in today's time many people are coming in the field of blogging, but very few people are able to succeed in this field, why? This happens because they do not have complete knowledge about the blogging field, due to which they There are many reasons why people fail in the blogging field, one of the main reasons for failing in the blogging field is not knowing the right information about Blacklink.

If you are a blogger  , then you must have heard about Blacklink at one time or the other, and you can rank your website in Google by making high quality backlinks of your website, so in today's article, what is Blacklink and how much is Blacklink? Are there types? All these topics are going to be discussed in this article today, so do read this article completely so that you can understand the information given in this article very well and you can rank your website in Google, you can read this article more. Share to more than 1000 people so that other people can also rank their website in Google. ,

What are backlinks?

what are backlinks 

A backlink is a link that is a means of going from another website to your website. When a web page is linked with another web page, we call it a backlink. Let us try to explain by giving an example what a backlink is. happens

Suppose there is a very good website, good articles have been written in that website, every day there is good traffic in that website and if the link of your site will be in that website, then people from that website will come to your website, due to this your search engine will be ranked. The rank of the website will increase and you will be able to earn good money. There are some rules for making backlinks, it is very important to know those rules because if you do not know those rules, then you will fail in the field of blogging, we have given you some rules below which you should read carefully.

1: Link juice : When the link of a web page is linked to the link of any one article of your website or to the homepage of your website, then the link flows from there, by clicking on this link, it directly reaches your website. And it is called Link juice in simple language. This Link juice increases the rank of your website in the link search engine of your website in the search engine and along with it also increases the domain authority (DA) of your website. 

2: Low quality links: Low quality links are those links that are coming to your website from any wrong website, spam website, or porn sites, then such links do not benefit your website but harm, so whenever you backlink If you are making for your blog, then the backlinks you are making should be high quality links. 

3: High quality links: We have given you information about low quality links, let us understand what are high quality links, in very simple language, high quality links means that the website which is very popular and whose value is Google If you get backlinks from quality website in your website too, then your website will come in high rank in Google and traffic will start increasing in your blog.

One thing you should keep in mind that whenever you create a high quality Blacklink, you will get backlinks from automotive and relevant sites, which means that you will have to get backlinks related to the same niches on which your blog is built.

For example, suppose that you have a technology related blog, then you have to make backlinks from the blog which is related to technology related, only then you will benefit if you make backlinks from any other fashion related blog, then you will not get any benefit. 

4: Internal link: Internal link means that go from one page of your website to another page, which we call internal link, to explain it well, I will give you an example.

You wrote an article in your blog and that article is on a good rank in Google and you want to rank other blog articles in Google in the same way, then the links of the articles you want to rank in Google are in that article. Will put which is already running in rank in Google, so that other articles present in your blog will also be read by people and gradually all the articles of your block will start ranking in Google.

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what are the types of backlinks

There are two types of backlinks, about which we have told you below, we have given you complete information on both the types. 

1: DOfollow balicklink 

2: Nofollow Blacklink

What is dofollow backlink?

As we told above about link juice, dofollow balicklink helps to pass link juice, which becomes a means of going from one website to another, it is called Dofollow balicklink by default, all the links that you link to other websites. Or give in the article of your blog, they all come inside dofollow balicklink, this link is very beneficial to rank your blog in Google search engine and a dofollow balicklink never remains an attribute. Example :

<a href="yourwebsite.com">Link Text</a> 

What is Nofollow backlink?

dofollow balicklink link juice helps to pass, this backlink has no value in the search engine and this backlink does not work for your website at all, but to some extent there are benefits of backlinks, which we have given you below. It has been told that you can know the benefits only by reading them.

1: Nofollow balicklink gives natural look to your profile link

2: If all the dofollow baliklinks of your website are there, then Google will feel that your profile link is not nature and in such a situation Google can also penalize you.

3: One advantage of this Nofollow balicklink is that if your website has a link to any other website and if you do not like the post posted on that website, then you can add Nofollow Attribute with that link after which No person will be able to go from your website to another website through that link. Example :

<a href="yourwebsite.com" rel="nofollow">Link Text</a>

How to create backlinks for your blog 

Whenever a new blogger comes in the field of blogging, there is always confusion about how to make Blacklink in his mind. By making Blacklink, you can rank your blog on Google search engine. You can always make as many Blacklinks as you want. Make a backlink from a quality website only then you will get benefit if you do not make a backlink from a quality website then you will not get any benefit from that backlink and it is possible that Google can penalize your blog by going ahead.

We have given you complete information below about how to make balicklink, you can make balicklink by reading them. 

1: Write Quality content in your blog

This is the best way to get backlinks for your blog, you write quality content in your blog and the visitors who read your contect will get to learn something and will share your content with as many people as possible, due to which your website will get more Traffic will start coming and very soon your website will start ranking in Google.

2: Guest blogging

In today's time, the popularity of guest blogging is increasing very fast in the world of blogging. Guest blogging means that the best way to increase traffic in your blog by summiting your blog article in a popular blog is with the help of guest Blacklink. will get good baliklink

3: start commenting

Start commenting in other blogs related to the niches of your blog, so that you get Nofollow baliklink, but whenever you are commenting in another blog, do not forget to enter the URL of your blog, by doing this you get good blacklinks and Traffic starts coming to your blog and gradually your blog starts ranking in Google search engine.

my opinion on this article

In this article, we have given you complete information related to Blacklink. Hope you have understood the information given in this article very well, if you have any question, then you can ask by commenting and share this article with as many people as possible. Tell us by commenting how you liked this article.

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